Content and Linear Channel Owners

Want to sell your content or linear channel globally on our world class platform? Let's talk.
When you place your linear or on-demand channel with us, you get:
  1. Scale. Our proprietary peer-assisted multi-CDN switch will ensure that your content is delivered by the right CDN at the right time for every one of your customers worldwide.   
  2. Territory restrictions. You decide where your content is available, through geo-blocking.
  3. Analytics. You know exactly how your content was consumed, by whom, at what time, and on what device.
  4. Advertising. Insert ads to reach clients in places and on devices not accessible before.
  5. Monetization. Turn your broadcast channel into a pay TV channel. We can sell your linear channel on a subscription basis or offer your content on a pay-per-view basis.
  6. Device omnipresence. Be on every smartphone, tablet, smart TV, and device that connects to TV. 
  7. Recording. Your customers can record your shows on our cloud DVR from any device, and play it back on any other device.
  8. Social and viral. Our platform is socially optimized, so users can share and talk about how much they love your channel and content on all social platforms.
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