Using XBMC general instructions

Part 1 XBMC Installation:

1.      Go to

2.      Download and install it on your device.

Part 2  Using FUSION to add TeleUP plug-in:

1.      Run XBMC. Click on "File manager" under System.

2.      Click on "Add source" on the left window.

3.      In the "Enter the path.." type in ""  and click Done.

4.      In the "Enter a name.." type in "Fusion" and click Done.

5.      Click the Home button to go back to home screen and click on "System".

6.      Click on "Add-ons" on the left side and select "install from zip file".

7.      Select "Fusion" -> "livestreams" -> "".

8.      Complete.


Part 3  Watching TeleUP on XBMC:

1.      Click on "Add-ons" under Video.

2.      Right click on TeleUP and select "Add-on settings".

3.      Input your TeleUP account information and click OK.

4.      You can watch TeleUP on XBMC now.

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