Set-top installation: Roku

In order to view TeleUP using the the Roku player directly on your TV, follow the steps below. We recommend you stay connected to the internet with your computer and the Roku (connected to your TV) during this one-time setup process.

  1. On the Roku: Connect your Roku box to your TV and set up a wired or wireless Internet connection according to the accompanying instruction manual.
  2. On your computer: TeleUP has to be added as a private channel on your Roku player since it is not listed in the Roku Channel Store. To do this, go to your Roku account page available here, enter "TeleUP" as the linking code, and click on "add channel".
  3. On the Roku: Refresh your channels by entering the Roku channel store, and then going back to the top level menu. You should now be able to see the TeleUP logo among your Roku channels.
  4. On the Roku: Select the TeleUP channel, press "OK" on your remote control, and then select "continue" to proceed past the introduction to the registration screen.
  5. On your computer go to and enter the "CODE" you see on the registration screen together with your TeleUP account log in and password, and click on "link".
  6. On the Roku: Select continue and press "OK" on the Roku. Your TeleUP service has now been linked to your Roku player.

1- You can link a maximum of 3 Roku devices to one account.
2- If one of the following messages appears on your screen, there is a possibility that your Roku was linked to a previous TeleUP account or under a different e-mail address. 

Possible messages:
- "upgrade to view" but you already have a paid subscription;
- "invalid link code";
- the link "CODE" in the registration screen flashes for a second.

You will then have to open a support ticket so one of our agents can further assist you in the process. Open a support ticket here:

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