What devices does TeleUP work on?



TeleUP works on a majority of devices that allow you to browse the Internet including mobile phones, tablet computers and devices that connect your TV to the Internet. 

We have an optimized site for mobile phones at http://www.teleup.com/mobile.  For example TeleUP works on:


Smart phones:

  •     Android phones with version 4 and greater.
  •     iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and greater

Tablet computers:

  • Almost all tablets including iPad, iPad mini, iPod, Android tablet, Amazon Fire tablet and Microsoft Surface tablet.  

Internet TV boxes:

  •     Roku*
  •     Google TV  
  •     Apple TV 


NOTE:  Although many users watch our service with Android boxes, we do not provide technical and customer support for them and 3rd party plugins such as XMBC/Kodi.


*Non English channels are not available on Roku inside the USA

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