What devices does TeleUP work on?



TeleUP works on a majority of devices that allow you to browse the Internet including mobile phones, tablet computers and devices that connect your TV to the Internet. 

For example TeleUP works on:


Smart phones:

  •     Android phones with version 4 and greater.
  •     iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and greater.

Tablet computers:

  • Almost all tablets including iPad, iPad mini, iPod, Android tablet, Amazon Fire tablet and Microsoft Surface tablet.  

Internet TV boxes:

  •     Roku*
  •     Google TV  
  •     Apple TV 
  •     Android boxes
  •     Amazon Fire Stick


Smart Tvs:

  • Smarttv LG with WebOS 3.0 and higher (temporarily unavailable)
  • Smarttv Sony Bravia
  • Smarttv Sharp




*Non English channels are not available on Roku inside the USA

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