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Currently, we are looking to hire a Lead Developer and CMO Internet TV. Please see below the job details for both positions.


CMO Internet TV

Greater New York City Area or Remotely

Job Description

We are looking for a CMO to help us move from a niche startup to a huge site used by hundreds

millions in 5 years. We operate in the sphere were content and technology intersect.

Community platforms, social sharing, peer2peer and OTT content distribution. We need help in

growing even faster (at 10% per month now) by combining product marketing, strategic

partnerships, customer acquisition and retention strategy, fundraising, content strategy, and,

mostly of all, and a do or die attitude.

You will 1st have to work with contractors and over time build and manage the entire marketing

team and execute the overall strategic marketing plan. As a member of the management team

you will help guide the strategic direction of our global online TV business.

Desired Skills & Experience
5+ years experience in consumer marketing and strategic development
Entrepreneurial experience at a similar stage company
Experience executing and managing multi pronged marketing campaigns including: online marketing, product marketing, brand management, public relations and direct marketing
Experience overseeing market research
Strong organizational skills, excellent communication skills, effective marketing ­related writing skills
Experience building and growing a successful marketing organization
Superior analytical skills, both quantitative and qualitative
Experience in online subscription business or TV industry a plus, but not required.

Essential Job Functions

● Provide analysis and reporting about customer online behavior and content

consumption as well as customer contact reasons for various online and offline

Customer Care channels

● Perform in depth analysis of data from multiple sources (Web Analytics data as well

as offline/database data) to derive insights that will inform the improvement of online

Customer Experience/Satisfaction and Customer Care contact reduction

● Assist in the creation of Web tests and the subsequent measurement in terms of both

online and offline KPIs to understand the impact of new initiatives/content

● Lead the business requirements gathering to facilitate data management and reporting

for new Business initiative

Specific Requirements

● 2­3 years of experience on Relational Database Analytics

● Expert in the use of leading business intelligence platforms (Microstrategy, Cognos)

● Working knowledge of Web Analytics tools such as Adobe SiteCatalyst, Google


● Experience using SQL/SAS to manipulate large datasets and and/or build statistical

models is preferred

● B2B analytics experience is a plus

● Proven self starter who thrives in a fast paced environment

● Practical problem solving and strategic thinking skills

● Expert knowledge and capabilities in Excel

● Extremely strong written and verbal communication skills, collaboration skills; great

attention to detail

Company Description

TeleUP is the global Internet TV service for the international market. TeleUP will serve 200

million TV viewers around the world who live outside their home country but wish to watch TV

originating from their home country.

Additional Information

Type: Full­time

Experience: Director

Functions: Writing/Editing, Strategy/Planning, Information Technology

Industries: Telecommunications / Media


Lead Developer

Greater New York City Area or Remotely

Job Description

We are seeking a talented lead developer to serve as our CTO’s right hard and to improve our Internet TV

service backend. This individual will be working to go where Internet TV has not gone before and push

the boundaries of web and TV.

This is a perfect opportunity for a senior developer at an established internet company who did not join

prior to their employers' IPO or a Computer Science Guru that likes to optimize and revolutionize how

people view TV.

Desired Skills & Experience

Degree in Computers Science

● Proficient in C, C++ and Python

● Proficient in MYSQL

Understands key server side web development concepts through experiences such as:

● Interpreting graphic visual or interaction designs in HTML, CSS and Javascript.

● Creating visually appealing web pages or interfaces.

● Creating, editing or modifying templates for a CMS or web development framework.

● Programming interaction with JavaScript and/or a library such as jQuery, YUI or Prototype.

● Testing cross browser, cross platform, and/or cross device compatibility for inconsistencies.

● Testing for compliance to specified standards such as accessibility standards in the client's

region or domain.

● Conducting observational user testing, or reviewing designs against usability heuristics.

Domain specific knowledge or transferable skills

Experience with web development languages of HTML, CSS and JavaScript/jQuery.


○ Familiarity of HTML syntax for multiple specifications, including HTML 5.

○ Knowledge of the semantic meaning of all HTML elements.

○ Familiarity with the semantic markup for display of lists, tabular data, forms, articles,


○ Knowledge of markup used for layout such as dividers.

○ Knowledge at the level to be able to hand­code markup.

○ Including media and images.


○ Familiarity with modifying Drupal Theme hooks to display data

○ Understanding how to utilize PHP to filter, process and output html, json, xml


○ Specifying different CSS for various media, devices and displays.

○ Best practices in CSS file organization and structure.

○ Methods for including CSS inline, internal and external via linked style sheets.

○ How to define, combine and group CSS selectors for HTML elements, ID, classes,

pseudo classes, child or sibling.

○ Syntax of CSS declarations, properties and attributes.

○ CSS box model and methods for CSS positioning, absolute and relative.

○ Knowledge of properties and attributes to control the display.

○ Familiarity with differences in CSS 2 and CSS 3.

○ Proficient with a CSS Preprocessor such as Sass or LESS.

● Best practices

○ Methods to ensure browser & device compatibility

○ Methods for degrading gracefully for older browsers and displays.

○ Methods to ensure accessibility.

○ File compression techniques for improving speed.

● JavaScript

○ Knowledge of the operators, variables, datatypes, objects, properties and methods.

○ Familiarity with control structures such as objects, functions, conditional statements,

arrays, loops and expressions.

○ Forms and regular expression validation and submitting data.

○ Knowledge of how to apply logical operators and conditional statements.

○ Knowledge of the DOM HTML objects and their properties.

● Event handling.

○ Creating and controlling windows and dialogs.

○ Processes for troubleshooting and debugging

○ Familiarity with development and debugging tools for cross browser issues.

● jQuery

○ Knowledge of how to employ the jQuery library for visual effects, event handling, and

document manipulation.


For additional information contact Gustavo at +1 646 7240406

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